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Short Urls

Shorten, brand, and measure the performance of your links. provides an industry leading lightning fast short url service. Unrivalled features include multiple redirect methods, custom url domains, and extremely targeted stats.

Live Analytics

Monitor your website traffic and view who is currently on your website. Place our lightweight tracking code on any website for free and start uncovering exactly who visits your website.

What People Say


We utilized the short url service to offer our publishers an easy way to build short urls to our offers and promotional tools. The short urls are extremely fast and the analytics are an awesome bonus. With the premium package we were also able to brand our short urls to match our promotions.

At we use both the short url and live analytics system. By using the live analytics system we no longer have to build complicated infrastructure to track our visitors and campaign performance. Short urls also keep our links short and clean.


It is important to see which thieves have stolen our website code and where they came from. By utilizing all the services provided by we are able to see everything about the visitors and which referring sites they came from. The service is very cost effective and is definitely an improvement to our business.